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Here you find answers to most of the questions you may have around our products and services. You're welcome to ask questions, report problems and suggest ideas.

If you need support in any matter, or need to send in claims and goods to us you MUST email at first (a auto generated ticket with unique support ticket number will be generated back). You can also call us at +46 8 750 84 00. Otherwise we can't take responsibility for your goods!

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2 / Using the portal will offer users to access all their training data via the Activio mobile App. All training data is automatically uploaded after each training session to the mobile App. Instructors can design heart rate and power profiles on the portal or in the mobile App.

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[SOLVED] iOS 9 on iPhone could crash the Activio app

Solved Posted by Magnus |Comments: 0 | Last reply 7 years ago by Magnus
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Smartbelt och app

Solved Posted by Anonymous |Comments: 0 | Last reply 6 years ago by Peter S.
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App Crash with Android 6.0

In Progress Posted by Hoël |Comments: 2 | Last reply 5 years ago by Adam R.
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In Progress Posted by Anonymous |Comments: 0 | Last reply 2 years ago by Peter S.