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Activio Power Solution - Bike Requirements

The Activio Power Solution can work with two different transmission technologies to transfer the power (watt) and cadence/RPM (when included together with the power data) from the indoor bikes to the Activio system.

The Heart Rate is transmitted as usual with the Activio branded heart rate sensors and our proprietary non-interference radio technology. This will make the entire solution more stable while there will be no interference between the bikes and the heart rate transmitters.

Activio Power Solution works with:

  1. Keiser® M3i indoor cycle and the Keiser® Multi-Bike Receiver box.

  2. ANT+ compatible indoor cycles with the standard power profile:

    /9 ANT+ Bicycle Power (PWR) profile

    It is very important that the bike allows transmission of the ANT+ power data to 3rd party software.

All indoor cycle brands on the market that is certified for and carry the ANT+ label and the standard power profile activity icon (see above) will work with the Activio Power Solution.

Bikes that have been exclusively verified by Activio are:

  • BODY BIKE Connect and BODY BIKE Smart+

  • WattBike (Note: Model B firware and software updates are required for ANT+ connectivity, visit Wattbike for details.)

  • Schwinn AC Performance with the MPower Echelon2 console and the Echelon2 Power Upgrade (visit Schwinn for details)

  • Stages S3 Indoor Bike

  • Keiser M3i (with the Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver)

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