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Activio Virtual Trainer License system messages

The Activio Virtual Trainer requires a license and an Internet connection to work. The following messages could be displayed if something is not configured correctly:

  • To use Activio Virtual Trainer a GymID with a valid Activio Solution License need to be configured. Please contact the gym staff.

    This mean that the system is missing a GymID with a password to start with, first after this is provided the Activio Solution can check the license with the Activio server.

  • The Activio Solution license could not be validated and the Class Guide will be disabled YEAR-MONTH-DAY if not resolved.

    This is shown at the first time the system can not verify a valid license with the Activio server. This could also mean that a network error occurred, then the following message below will also be shown:

  • Connect the Activio System to Internet to be able to validate the license.

    The Activio system need to be connected to Internet to be able to verify the license. This could mean that the gym has a valid license, but this cannot be verified without Internet.

  • The Activio Solution license is not valid and the Class Guide is disabled until resolved.

    This mean that Activio Virtual Trainer is disabled until:

    1) The network connection is restored and/or:

    2) A valid license is available on the Activio Server.

If you think your gym should have a valid Virtual Trainer license, please contact our support to resolve the situation:

After the network connection is restored and/or a valid license has been verified by the Activio staff you may need to try downloading a Virtual Trainer profile before the license warning is restored in the Activio system.

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