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Adjust the start and stop time on my curve at myActivio

If the time in the training session is to long or you want to adjust the start and stop time to the actual time the training session took place; then use the save selection tool to remove unnecessary time in the beginning and the end of the curve.

All calculations (i.e. Average HR) will be re-calculated with the new time.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use the green and red tab on the top corners of the curve. The green tab adjust the start time and the red tab adjust the stop time.


  2. Click-and-hold the tab and drag it to the right or left. A time counter will show the new start (or stop) time.


  3. Click on the button that appears on the Curve: "Click here to save selection!". The grayed out area will be deleted!

  4. A warning message pops up, press "Okay" to delete the grayed out area or "Abort" to cancel the operation. WARNING! - Deleted data can not be recovered!


  5. The curve is re-drawn and all calculations are updated.

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