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Administration Menu

To access the admin menu and the system settings, follow these steps:

Press the Menu button in the top-right corner, press the Administrator > System menu button.


Enter the PIN code and press OK (if you don't know this code, please contact the staff responsible for Activio at your gym or contact


On the Administrator Menu, you find the following:

  • Reset start time for all logged in members - this resets the start time for the heart rate recording for all logged in users. The users does not need to log in again. This could be useful for a group training session if the instructor want to sync all users start times.

  • Stop and upload all workout data to - this is the same functionality as described here to stop all users. On this page you will also see status messages in the textbox of the upload process for diagnostics purpose and troubleshooting.

  • System settings - access more system settings that is normally already configured by Activios staff. Use these settings only if you know what you are doing.

  • Check Network - Press the button to check if a network is connected and the system have access to Internet. Also the IP address of the system is visible if available.


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