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How to activate AVT Remote on the Activio System

To be able to use the AVT Remote app, to remote control the Activio Virtual Trainer and the Class Guide with your iPhone or Android smartphone, you first need to activate the functionality on the Activio System.


  • Activio System version or later.
  • An Internet connection to the Activio System
  • A wireless access point (WiFi) connected to the same local network as the Activio System
  • A Network Installation Guide can be downloaded here

To activate the AVT Remote in the Activio System:

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press System menu
  3. Enter the PIN code/Password
  4. Press System
  5. Check the box "Enable the AVT Remote"
  6. Restart the system

To get started with the AVT Remote app:

  • Download the app for iPhone or Android
  • Connect the smartphone to the wireless access point
  • On the Activio System, press Menu and then System menu
  • In the lower right corner you find the IP address for the system
  • In the app, select Settings, Connection Settings and enter the IP address
Press the "Need Help?" button in the app for instructions of how to connect the app to the Activio System and how to use the app in general.

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