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Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver configuration

To setup the Activio Power Solution to work with the Keiser m3i bikes, follow the requirements below:

NOTE: Activio does not sell, market or support the Keiser equipment, we advise you to contact your local Keiser reseller for any issues and details regarding the Keiser equipment.


  1. Setup the ID's on the Keiser m3i bikes, instructions can be found here and a video tutorial can be found here. It is important to set the bikes to the default ID's starting with no 1, 2, 3, etc.

  2. Both the Activio system and the Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver unit need to be connected to a local network (LAN) that assigns IP addresses (DHCP), they need to be connected to the same network and visible to each other.

    Special case:

    - Note that some advanced network configurations use VLAN and isolates the network devices, this will not work.

    - Also the network need to allow a multicast UDP transmission (IPv4 Protocol 17) from the Keiser unit. The multicast destination address is on port 35680.


  3. The Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver box is configured with the built in software by using the remote control and attach the unit to a HDMI screen.


  4. The Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver NEED to use these settings to be compatible with the Activio system:

    - IPAddress:

    - Port: 35680

    - API: 1.1

    - UUID: ON


  5. Make sure to update the Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver to the latest version (1.5.6[22] or greater), press the 'Update' button to update to latest version.

  6. After any changes, press 'Save' and then re-boot the unit by removing the power cable.


Normally the configuration is done by the Activio tech staff by a remote connection.

A brand new installation is configured with the Keiser profile and will work from the beginning if the Keiser bikes are configured with default ID's from number 1 and up. No scanning are required.


It is possible to test the Keiser Mult-Bike Receiver setup by turning on 'Demo: ON' in the Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver menu, then press save and re-boot the unit by removing the power cable. Allow 1 minute for the uni to start again.

If everything works it is possible to login a bike no 1-10 on the Activio system and some power data should start to update on the gauge. Remember to turn off the demo mode before starting workout on the bikes.

Keiser also provide some test tools (Development Tools) to verify the setup, that can be found here.

Any configuration of the Keiser m3i bikes or connection between the bikes and the Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver unit is supported by Keiser.

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