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New login process from Activio version

In Activio version the static gauge view has been updated. Now all gauges are visible but "grayed out" if not in use. Now the member can select the specific position of the gauge on the large screen. A new login view show "mini-gauges" that allows the member to see exactly where his/hers gauge will be located. When a member is selecting a gauge it will be "turned-on" and displays the number of the chest belt or watt bike that should be used.

In earlier versions all chest belts had a fixed position on the screen. The problem is when a user have a chest belt number X but can't see the gauge number X because of the design if the cycling room. Maybe it's other users standing in the way or a colon is in the way.

In the latest update the user first select a position on the large screen for the gauge. And then selects the chest belt number to be used together with that gauge. There is no relation with the chest belt number and the position number.

Attached is an English and a Swedish Quick Guide of this new improvement.

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