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Problem to connect the Activio Smart Belt to iPhone

First, look at the article: Connect the Activio Smart Belt to the Activio App.

Also make sure you have an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or later. Also we recommend you to have the latest iOS version.

To make sure the problem is not on the iPhone side we recommend you to recycle the Bluetooth hardware on the iPhone and make a clean start by doing this:

  1. Start the Activio app, go to Settings and press "Unpair" to disconnect any previous (corrupt) pairing.
  2. Kill the Activio app completely
  3. Double-click the Home button, this opens up a card view of all running apps.
  4. Swipe left or right until you have located the Activio app.
  5. Swipe the Activio app card up to remove it and force close it.
  6. Turn off Bluetooth, Settings > Bluetooth > Turn off.
  7. Turn off the iPhone.
  8. When the iPhone is turned on again, turn on Bluetooth in the iPhone.
  9. Note! Do NOT try to pair the Smart Belt in the iPhone's Bluetooth settings page, it will not work.
  10. Start the Activio app and go to Settings.
  11. Connect the sensor module to the electrode strap.
  12. Turn on the chest belt by rubbing the sensors with your thumbs or put it on the chest, a green LED above the Activio logo will flash for a second when the skin is detected.
  13. Press "Pair" in the app with the chest belt within 1 meter.
  14. Also, make sure no other smartphone have connected to the Smart Belt in the proximity (~10 meters), the belt can only handle one connection at the time.
  15. When the Smart Belt connects successfully to the iPhone the text "Pair" is changed to "Paired".

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