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Problem with projector image after a power failure

This solution applies primary to newer Activio systems' using a projector (large display) with a HDMI cable (not a VGA cable), delivered during fall 2015. But the solution works on any system that experience the similar problem.


After a power failure (power outage) there are no picture with Activio gauges on the projector screen after it's turned on. The screen could be empty or the picture is looking wrong.


After a power failure both the Activio computer and the projector will turn on automatically. However, the Activio computer will restart and start up the Activio software but the projector will go into stand-by mode. This is not handled well with a HDMI cable and the Windows system running on the computer doesn't recognize the projector (in stand-by mode).


1) Turn on the projector.

2)Restart the Activio system on the touch screen:

- Press the button: Menu

- Press the button: System menu / Admin menu

- Press the button: System / Settings

- Press the red button: Restart

Now the Activio system restarts and will reset the image settings to the defaults used when the system was installed at the gym. If there are still problem, make sure the HDMI cable is attached on the projector/computer and the lens cap is removed. Make sure the "Source" on the projector is set to "Auto" or "HDMI".

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