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Activity stopped after 1:00 hours

When i participate in a spinning class at the gym I normally log into the system to get my pulse data mailed to me when I log out after the class. But when I look at the pulse data from the activity, it is always stopped after exactly 1 hour. Despite the fact that I logged out after the class, which typically is 1h10 min after I logged in (I log in a few minutes before the class starts, the class is 60 min, and log out a few minutes after). This is very annoying, since it typically cuts the final part of the class, where the max pulse occurrs. The activity shouldn't stop until I log out manually.

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Michael Jansson Posted 1 year ago

Hi Joakim!

Please send a e-mail to with your myActivio username and name of the gym where you experience this problem. Also include a copy of your problem description.

/ Michael


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I have mailed several times, without any response. Are you sure that is a good method for error reports? I would very much like to get a response so I know my reports arrive at the right place, and that you acknowledge that there is a problem, so I know I'm not wasting myt time trying to report this error.

I attach the latest report I got from your unit yesterday. (Sats SoFo in Stockholm), which clearly shows the problem.

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