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I can not login on after creating a new account?

I have registered a new account on but now I can't login?

It says I need to click on a verification link but I have not got any verification e-mail to my inbox?

What can I do now?

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Magnus Posted 5 years ago

After registering the new account and before you can login the first time, you need to click on a verification link in a e-mail send to your e-mail address (the same address you used to register your account).

If you have not received any verification e-mail? Follow these steps:

  1. Wait a few more minutes before you check your inbox again.

  2. Check if the verification email have been put in your spam folder.

  3. Request a new verification email here: I have forgot my password and fill in your User Name OR Email Address and press "Send Reset Link".

  4. If you still have problem, please Contact Us.

If you have got the e-mail and clicked the link but still have problem to login:

  1. Go to, look in the upper-right corner of the page, if you see your name and a link "Logout", press the Logout link to logout from the page.

  2. Close the browser window and open the browser again.

  3. Go to and press "Login" and try to login again with your username and password.

After login in the first time you need to complete som registration steps and enter some additional information.

If you still need help after following the steps above, please Contact Us.

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