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7 years ago

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The Activio Solution license could not be validated?

When we use the Class Guide with Activio Virtual Trainer a message pops up saying "The Activio Solution license could not be validated and the Class Guide will be disabled if not resolved."

When we try to download new profiles from myActivio and the Class Designer it says "No valid Activio License to download profiles" and no profiles is downloaded?

How can we fix this problem?

Official Answer
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Magnus Posted 7 years ago

To be able to use the Class Guide with Activio Virtual Trainer the gym need to have a valid Activio License Premium.

When you see this message it will still be possible to run already downloaded profiles for 15 more days, after that period the Class Guide is disabled and will to run anymore. It will not be possible to download any new profiles during this period.

Then the license need to be activated on the server side by Activio, this is normally done when you sign the agreement but for difference reasons it may not have been done.

If you see this error and think you should have access, please contact our support directly on and provide us with:

  • The gym name and town
  • Your name and a contact person at the gym staff
  • Phone number and e-mail to contact you if we have questions
- and they will resolve this as soon as possible.

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